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Global Sim

TalkMore World Travel SIM

Now with TalkMore you can have a lifetime international roaming number that works in 200 countries – no expiry no rental

The best thing is when anyone calls you on this number the call is diverted to your India number FREE You can put it on your visiting card, letterhead web site – it shows your international presence

When you go abroad to Europe, USA Middle East – your incoming calls are FREE

And… you can make cheap calls when you travel – it works in 200 countries

Wi Fi calling allows you to receive FREE incoming calls and low cost international calls from anywhere in the World

All this for only Rs.500 and you can top up with any amount in multiples of Rs.500

Global Sim

TalkMore – Multi SIM USA - Keep In Touch

Going to USA/Canada – buy your USA sim before you travel to save time when you arrive and give your permanent USA number to your family and friends before you leave

TalkMore Multi Sim gives you low cost calls in USA and Canada and to call India, data is only Rs. 50/Mb. We call it Multi Sim because the same SIM works in over 200 countries so you can be reachable where ever you travel. It offers cheap roaming calls in China and Russia and many more.

Wi Fi calling allows you to receive FREE incoming calls and international calls from only Rs. 1 from anywhere in the World

Global Sim

The Ultimate Travel Companion

TalkMore has the more advanced travel features than any roaming service provider

Be reachable on one permanent number globally
We have all experienced the horror of huge roaming bills when returning from an overseas trip TalkMore phone helps you cut the cost of keeping in touch by up to 90%. - In today's economic climate who can afford to ignore these savings. Now when you travel for business, study, pleasure or just visiting family abroad you can keep in touch with your customers and family without it costing you the earth.

Global Sim


Buy your UK SIM before you travel and let your family and friends have your local UK number before you leave. It offer low cost UK and international land line and mobile calls.

Data is only Rs.8/Mb

Add-on Eazytel World Travel Companion using the same account and balance.

Global Sim

World Travel Companion

WTC can be bought with or without the Eazytel SIM. It offers an array of telecom products and features including calling India from UK for Rs. 1

Make cheap calls from hotels, payphones and any touch tone phone from most of Europe and America Permanent UK land line number which can be forwarded to your India number