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TalkMore Global Sim

Please ensure your Phone is Unlocked

Detach the International SIM card chip from its plastic card. & Keep it in a safe place as it your phone numbers and PIN on it. Carefully insert the SIM card chip into your phone.

When turning your phone on.

Global Profile - Outside the United States, Canada, and UK, please enter your 4 – digit PIN number.

USA Profile - In the United States and Canada, please enter 2 followed by your PIN number.

UK Profile - in United Kingdom enter the 3 Followed by your pin.

Your service is ready to use.
Important: Please remember your PIN. Whenever you switch your phone ON, you will be asked to enter it. If you enter the PIN incorrectly 3 times, your phone will be blocked. You must then enter the PUK to unblock it. The PUK is a number printed on the SIM card, next to the PIN number.

Get US Number

Your Global phone number starts with +44. This number is printed on the SIM card.

The US number will be automatically sent to you via text message when you turn the phone on and select the USA profile by entering 2 followed by the PIN:

This can also be done just prior to your visit by sending 80587 (805US) from your TalkMore Global SIM so that you can inform your friends and family the number to contact you on in advance. This is a temporary number and expires after 90 days; you may acquire a new number again by sending 80587 from your TalkMore Global SIM.

When you make a call it will show your TalkMore Global UK number on the dialled/destination phone so you need to let people know your USA number when they are calling you from within USA and Canada. There is a charge for incoming calls on your USA number.

Calling from Canada
Switch ON the phone and enter 2 followed by the PIN to select the USA profile. When making out bound calls, add # at the end of the dialled number.

Making a Call

Dial the country code (1 for the US and Canada, 44 for the United Kingdom and 61 for Australia) followed by area code and phone number.

Example 1: To call (213) 337-5555 in the US, you need to dial 0012133375555

Example 2: To call 03 9010-0225 in Australia, you need to dial 0061390100225

You must dial the country code even if you are making a local or national call. In USA and UK Profile Press, the call key and your call will be connected in a few seconds.

In Global Profile Press, the call key and please wait. Ignore any messages shown on your screen. You will be disconnected for 10 to 30 seconds, and then your phone will call back.

Answer the call normally. Your call will be connected after a few seconds.

If your phone does not ring back, please try again. Make sure you have entered the correct phone number including the country code and wait for up to 60 seconds for your phone to call back.

If your phone still does not ring back, you may need to use Prefix 5 Calling (please refer to Handy Hints page).

Receiving a Call

There are two ways family & friends can call you at anytime, wherever you may be in the world within our coverage area.

* They can dial your UK 07452 number. They will need to dial the international code if they are calling you from outside UK.

* They can call your USA number or any other additional numbers you may have added to your SIM e.g. UK 0208 landline number. Please note there will be an additional charge to divert this call to your SIM.


Voicemail is automatically enabled on your account. A caller will be directed to voicemail if you do not answer the call or if your phone is busy or switched off. You will be sent a text message when you receive a voicemail. To retrieve your voicemail messages, dial 121 and follow the voice prompts.

The voicemail is set to ON. You can manually set voicemail to on by dialling 80511 from your phone or dial 80522 to turn voicemail off.

You can check your voicemails FREE. Click here to login your account.

Recharge anywhere, anytime!

Online: Click here to top-up online.

Buy a recharge voucher from your dealer. Enter the PIN on your phone and press send/call button. Your account will be immediately recharged.

Call 365 days customer service: Dial 80416 from your phone and press the send/answer key. This call is free for the first 3 minutes. You can also call customer service on +44 203 630 0330 / + 1301 375 1050.

Auto Recharge

You can set up Auto-Recharge automatically so that you never run out of credit. This can be done on-line at or by calling customer support. You can set a level of your choice e.g. when your account goes below Rs 500 it is topped up with Rs1000, Rs 2000 etc..

Balance Enquiry

Dial 803 and press the call, send or OK. Your account balance will be sent in a text message. No charge applies.

Text Messages (SMS)

This service supports international text messaging. Simply compose the text message using your phone and enter the number you wish to send the message to. Remember to enter the country code (001 for the US and Canada, 0044 for the United Kingdom, and 0061 for Australia), followed by area code and phone number.

Example 1: To text (213) 337-5555 in the US, you need to dial 0012133375555

Example 2: To text 03 9010-0225 in Australia, you need to dial 0061390100225

You can receive SMS free anywhere in the World.

Calling and Billing Records

Records of all your calls, text messages and credit card charges are updated instantaneously in your online account. To access your call records Click here & sign in with your phone number and PIN.

Coverage, Rates and Features

To find out information on coverage, rates and features applicable to your service, please visit

Call forwarding (divert) from your TalkMore SIM

What is call forwarding?
Call forwarding is the easiest way to redirect all incoming calls to your UK TalkMore number to your selected fixed line or mobile phone number. When you return from an overseas trip, colleagues may still be calling you on your TalkMore number. Rather than carrying two phones, you can divert calls to your TalkMore number to your home or local mobile phone.

Call divert is free to numbers in UK, USA, India and many other countries. For Rates in other countries, please visit Click here.

How to set up Call forwarding?
Log-in to your TalkMore on-line account and click on call forwarding.

Dial 08500 followed by the number to which you would like the calls to be diverted to. E.g. To divert calls to UK (44) 2036301000, dial 08500442036301000.

You will receive an SMS confirming the call divert has been set up.

To cancel call divert, simply dial 08500 and press send.

AFC Feature

If you visit a destination regularly or for longer periods of stay, you can divert your incoming and outgoing calls to a local phone or mobile to receive free incoming calls and make even cheaper international calls. The AFC (automatic forwarding call-back) feature allows you to avoid high roaming charges by diverting your in-coming calls to the local network SIM of the country you are visiting.

To set up call forwarding (divert), please dial 805 followed by the number you would like the incoming calls to be diverted to. E.g. If you wish to divert the calls to a UK number, you would dial 80501442036301000.

To cancel callback divert, dial and send 80501 (without any number).

To set up both services to the same local number, dial and send 80502 followed by the number. To cancel, dial and send 80502 (without any number)

Managing call forwarding and AFC on-line

You can login to your account in and set the call forward and AFC features so that calls to your UK 078 numbers are diverted to your local SIM number or any other number.

You can also set up the number of the local SIM where you would like the outgoing calls to be delivered.

To cancel, dial and send 80500 (without any number).

To set up call back divert to deliver outgoing international calls to a local number, dial and send 80501 followed by the number to be diverted to.

Trouble Shooting

Prefix Calling

If you are trying to make a call OUTSIDE the UK and USA, and the call back does not occur or if you hear, a message saying the call cannot be completed, please do the following:

Dial *126*102* followed by the country code, area code and phone number, followed by #.
Example: If you wish to call 0203 630 1000 in the UK, you would dial *126*102*442036301000#.

Your phone displays a network, but you cannot make a call:

Wait 60 seconds and repeat your call. Enter “+” followed by the country code (1 for the US and Canada, 44 for the United Kingdom, 61 for Australia), area code and phone number you are trying to call. You must dial the country code even if you are making a local or national call.

If you incorrectly enter your PIN, you will not pick up a network. Please turn your phone OFF, then turn it ON again and re-enter your 4 digit PIN printed on the SIM card. In the United States and Canada, please enter 2 followed by the PIN.

Some networks in certain locations can be unreliable, particularly if you are moving (on a train, bus or car). Use you phone’s menu to manually select a different network if one is available. You may need to refer to your handset manual for instructions.

For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service

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