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TalkMore Multi SIM USA


Save up to 90% on your mobile roaming costs

TalkMore Phone helps you cut the cost of keeping in touch by up to 90%. - In today's economic climate who can afford to ignore these savings. Now when you travel for business, study, pleasure or just visiting family abroad you can keep in touch with your customers and family without it costing you the earth.

Works in over 200 countries for cheaper calls and text.

Be reachable in 200 countries as you travel the world.

You can receive and make low cost local and international calls in over 200 countries. Stay connected with your family and business.

Ultra low-cost incoming calls

Your mobile phone provider will usually charge you a fortune just to answer a call. However with TalkMorephone you can answer calls in these countries at ultra low-cost on any of your TalkMore USA, UK or other optional international numbers.

Permanent USA and UK numbers

TalkMore USA is a Multi IMSI SIM with a permanent USA number with optional UK (+44) and optional other international numbers. These numbers work simultaneously on the same sim card so callers can call you at any time on either number.

Add other international numbers

You can also add a UK landline number 020 and multiple landline numbers for other countries to your TalkMore number subject to a monthly charge. Landline numbers are available for many countries.

Roam abroad with your existing number

If you have another regular number that you use but still want to benefit from TalkMore Phone roaming rates, simply divert your regular number to your TalkMore Phone UK or USA number before travelling and save.

Wi Fi calling feature - free incoming calls and cheap international calls

Wi Fi calling allows you to receive FREE incoming calls and international calls from only Rs. 1 from anywhere in the World. When Wi Fi is not available the calls switch to the SIM.

When using an Android smartphone connected to wireless internet, it allows you to receive calls on your TalkMore - USA Mobile number for free regardless of where you are located in the world, and to place calls using the same phone number for much less than when using the mobile networks.

In addition to reducing your roaming costs, it also allows you to potentially expand the coverage area of the TalkMore - USA Mobile service by providing you service in areas with poor or no cellular coverage. With the Wi-Fi calling service, you can make calls from virtually anywhere in the world as long as a decent Wi-Fi internet connection is available to you.

Call forwarding

Once you return to your home network you can redirect calls to your TalkMore number to a fixed line or mobile phone number. This service is only Rs. 1 in UK, USA, India and many other countries.

You can also save on in-coming calls when you travel abroad by forwarding calls to your TalkMore Phone to a local mobile or landline number.

Click here for call forwarding instructions

Voicemail - FREE voicemail on-line (coming soon)

If you do not answer your phone or if it is switched off, inbound callers will be diverted to voicemail. You will receive a text message to let you know you have voicemail.

You can then access your voicemails via your mobile phone.

Coming soon: Check you messages on-line FREE of charge by logging in to your TalkMore account.

SMS – FREE to receive - and send SMS (text) messages worldwide

You can send or receive SMS almost anywhere in the World. Receiving SMS is free.

See complete list of our destinations and rates here.

Pre-paid service – no expiry*

No minimum usage - No long term contracts

AFC – for even cheaper calls using local number

If you visit a destination regularly or for longer periods of stay, you can divert your incoming calls to a local number using the call-forwarding feature. The AFC (automatic forwarding call-back) feature allows you to avoid high roaming charges by delivering your out-going calls to the local network mobile or land line number of the country you are visiting.

Click here to learn more about how to use AFC

Data – low cost in over 50 countries from rs.50/Mb

With TalkMore you can now connect to the internet anywhere in the world with prices starting from just
Rs. 50/Mb.

How much you pay depends on, the country you are visiting and how much data (MBs) you use.

How much can I surf with 1 MB?
One MB allows you to send about 40 text e-mails, make around 75 Google searches, surf on Facebook or LinkedIn 5 times. With Skype mobile, 1 MB is enough to send and receive about 13 messages a day and make one Skype call of about 4 minutes.

For instructions on how to use data click here

In order to access Prepaid GPRS Data in some countries, you may need to select a different network from the network on which you make and receive calls.

Easy re-charge/top up Anywhere, Anytime!

You can top up/recharge your account from anywhere and anytime by 3 easy methods.

Online Top Up Click here. You will be given a voucher pin. Enter this number on your TalkMore Multi Sim USA and press send on SIM 1. Your account will be immediately credited

Top-up vouchers from your dealer in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

Call on 747 or / +44 203 630 0330 (UK) / +1 302 231 6420 (USA) (Chargeable) and speak to one of our helpful customer support staff

AUTO TOP-UP – never run out of credit

You can also set up your account so it automatically tops you up when you run low. Now you no longer have to worry about running out of credit on that all important call. We will top you up automatically anytime your credit falls below a predetermined limit that you set.

No contract/ no line rental

No line rental, minimum term contract, set-up charges, or hidden costs
All you pay is the cost of the sim card, the calls and texts you make and a small monthly management charge to keep your sim card active. Your will not expire as long as the monthly charge is paid. There is no annual renewal charge.

Works with your existing unlocked mobile phone

TalkMore Multi Sim USA is compatible with all unlocked GSM mobile handsets and unlike other SIM cards you can use your TalkMore SIM card in your I-Phone or any other Micro SIM smart phone and also tablet devices such as i-Pad.

Make even cheaper calls when travelling to business destinations like Russia and China

Business travellers can save money in frequently travelled destination such as China and Russia.

Itemised bill for account management


  • TalkMore comes with some fantastic additional business features to make the most of using your phone at home or abroad.
  • Corporate Master Account
  • Dedicated account manager

Helpful customer support 365 days a year

Before contacting customer service, please read through our extensive FAQ to find answers to common questions.

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