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TalkMore Multi SIM USA

Getting Started

Please ensure your Phone is Unlocked

  • Detach the International SIM from the plastic card and carefully insert the SIM into your phone.
  • Ensure that your phone is set to automatic network selection (this is normally set this way and you do not have to do anything).
  • Switch on the phone and allow up to 10 minutes for the phone to automatically select the best network for the country you are in.

US and UK Numbers

Your Global UK phone number starts with +44 and the USA number starts with +1. These numbers were allocated to you when you purchase your SIM and printed on the envelope.

You can give this number to your friends and family in advance, so that they can contact you as you travel the World. The numbers work simultaneously and you can be reached on any of the numbers allocated to you.

Making a Call

1. Dial the country code 001 or +1 for the USA and Canada, 0044 for the United Kingdom and 0061 for Australia followed by area code and phone number.

Example 1: To call (213) 337-5555 in the US, you need to dial 0012133375555

Example 2: To call 03 9010-0225 in Australia, you need to dial 0061390100225

You must dial the country code even if you are making a local or national call, although in USA you can just dial the 10 digit local number.

In USA and Canada press the call key and your call will be connected in a few seconds.

2. When calling from countries other than USA and Canada, enter the destination number, press the call key and please wait. Ignore any messages shown on your screen.

You will be disconnected for 10 to 30 seconds, and then your phone will receive a call back.

Answer the call normally. Your call will be connected after a few seconds.

If your phone does not ring back, please try again. Make sure you have entered the correct phone number including the country code. You may have to wait up to 60 seconds for your phone to call back.

Note: Disable Auto-Redial on your phone, as TalkMore Multi Sim USA SIM works on Call-Back technology. Hence, do not enable Auto Re-Dial, as this will trigger multiple call back request.

Receiving a Call

Receive calls as normal.

Trouble Shooting

Prefix Calling

If you are trying to make a call OUTSIDE the UK and the call back does not occur or if you hear a message saying the call cannot be completed, please do the following:

Dial *111* followed by the country code, area code and phone number, followed by #

Example 1: If you wish to call 020 8234 5678 in the UK, you would dial *111*442082345678#.

For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service.

Auto Recharge

You can set up Auto-Recharge automatically so that you never run out of credit. This can be done on-line at or by calling customer support. You can set a level of your choice e.g. when your account goes below Rs. 500, it is topped up with Rs. 1000 or Rs. 2000.


Voicemail is automatically enabled on your account. A caller will be directed to voicemail if you do not answer the call or if your phone is busy or switched off.

You can listen to your messages right from your TalkMore - USA Mobile handset, by selecting the Voicemail option from the TalkMore - USA menu, or by dialing 605 (the regular rate for the in-coming rate to the country in which you are located will apply).

Recharge Anywhere, Anytime!

You can top up/recharge your account from anywhere and anytime by 3 easy methods.

Online Top Up Click here. You will be given a voucher pin. Enter this number on your TalkMore WTS and press send on SIM 1. Your account will be immediately credited

Top-up vouchers from your dealer in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000..

Call on 747 or / +44 203 630 0330 (UK) / +1 302 231 6420 (USA) (Chargeable) and speak to one of our helpful customer support staff

Balance Enquiry

Go to “My Services” by clicking on the “TalkMore” icon in your phone settings. Click on “check balance”. Your balance will be displayed on the phone screen. or dial *301#

Text Messages (SMS)

This service supports international text messaging. Simply compose the text message using your phone and enter the number you wish to send the message to. Remember to enter the country code (001 for the US and Canada, 0044 for the United Kingdom and 0061 for Australia) followed by area code and phone number.

Example 1: To text (213) 337-5555 in the US, you need to dial 0012133375555

Example 2: To text 03 9010-0225 in Australia, you need to dial 0061390100225

You can receive SMS free anywhere in the World.

Calling and Billing Records

E-mail for records of all your calls, text messages and credit card charges.

Coverage, Rates and Features

To find out information on coverage, rates and features applicable to your service visit

Call Forwarding (Divert) From Your TalkMore SIM

What is call forwarding?
Incoming calls to your TalkMore Multi Sim USA number can be forwarded to your selected fixed line or mobile phone number.

Go to “My Services” by clicking on the “TalkMore” icon in your phone settings. Click on “Call Forwarding” and enter the number where you would like the calls to be diverted to. Then click on “activate CF”. To cancel call forwarding click on “disable CF”. Or Dial *115* Destination Number # to enable or *117# to Disable.

Automatic Call-Back Feature

If you visit a destination regularly or for longer periods of stay, you can divert your outgoing calls to a local number to receive cheaper incoming calls and make even cheaper international calls. The AFC (automatic forwarding callback) feature allows you to avoid high roaming charges by diverting your callback to the local network SIM of the country you are visiting.

To make an AFC call select auto Call-back from “My Services”

  • Enter the local number where you would like to receive the call
  • Enter the destination number you would like to call
  • Press Ok

Roaming Data

Go to the data set up menu in your phone, where APN is defined, and setup the APN ""

Authentication is not used, so you can disable authentication and do not need to enter a username or password.

Wi-Fi Calling Service

The Wi-Fi calling service is available to all TalkMore - USA Mobile customers at no additional cost. When using an Android smart phone connected to Wi-Fi (wireless internet), it allows you to receive calls on your TalkMore - USA Mobile number for free regardless of where you are located in the world, and to place calls using the same phone number for much less than when using the mobile networks.

You can find more information on the Wi-Fi calling service on

Call 365 days customer service: Dial 747 from your phone and press the send/answer key.

You can also call customer service on
+44 203 630 0330 (UK)
/92 (India)
+1 302 231 6420 (USA)

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